Becoming a Lingerer

I printed this out to encourage my becoming a lingerer. My first quote ever!

The days are full of being with family. I love them and these times together. 

The days are also full of being with me and seeing who I am -- easily stressed, quickly exhausted and yet perseverant. In my perseverance I see I'll live each day in spite of the low and hard times. 

Now I see why God's word for me is timely and important ~

Linger. Find the small joys. Discover the small wonders. Linger in them with Him. He's taking me from a pause to actually stopping, lingering. I love the becoming.

I find the little joys and discover small wonders everyday. But, I don't linger in them. I forget to linger in my everyday with Jesus. Linger not just in the moment, but the fullness and beauty of it. Linger with Him in that beauty and in my challenges. 

Oh, it's already been such a crazy adventure ~

Me yelling when the stress comes and then the extreme opposite of "leave me alone, I'm exhausted now." Then getting my second wind and running with it - the answer - until again I'm exhausted.

I sat with God and asked about this wonderful word "linger" and He showed me that photo ~

The one I've shared before. I felt these words refresh my soul ~ "In the slow, deep, breaths of lingering are wonders for discovering and joys for lasting memories." Ah. Lightbulb. It's not the quantity of joys and wonders. It's the lingering in them that makes it soul food, spirit manna. Yes. To linger with Him...such a privileged rest.

This year, I'll be sharing much as I become a lingerer, His lingerer ~ 

I will look forward to hearing from you on this topic as well.

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