Simple Joys and Small Wonders - Meaningful Gifts

How does one cultivate mindfulness and gratitude for the present moment and the people in it? I don't think there is just one specific answer to that. We can all contribute to how we've overlooked and/or  taken notice.

There is so much going on in one day it sometimes takes everything we've got to slow down...slow flow... slow the mind... slow the body...slow the breathing

Slow, and be here in this moment. 
Letting go of the work and creating.
Singing my grandson to sleep.
Lingering in the sounds he makes as he drifts off.

Texture and love stamp courtesy of Kim Klassen's 12 Days of Textures - so beautiful for creating memories.
You can mouseover/scroll over and see the transformation that saved this memory for me.

Oh, to be mindful of our condition so we can let 

Let go of the tension, crowded thinking, over-colored schedules. 
Let go so we can ooh and ah. 
Let go enough to enjoy the kids shouting with joy because you've walked in the door. 
Let go and let the dog lick our faces off. After a few minutes, you can take 5 and wash up. 

In those 5 minutes we can ponder the simple joys that just occurred. Let it warm us. 
Allow the grace of that moment to overwhelm. 
So gratitude overflows.

I'm finding that it's not a one time thing and then all is well. It's daily awareness. It'll be up and down. Yet, it's worth noticing the simple joys and small wonders. It's a gift we can give to ourselves. There will be "those days". The gift is completely worth it. 

The simple joys and small wonders in our everyday will overshadow the "not-so-hot" times. Because we can carry it with us wherever we go. We can carry the beautiful people attached to those joys and wonders where ever we go.

Something in our everyday may just turn into a lasting memory we might otherwise overlook.
How do you slow down to really see and take it all in? 

A few wonderful ladies have received simple joys and small wonders through different kinds of meaningful gifts. They were part of a giveaway we hosted over the weekend. Each comment had me going "aw" and smiling.

I'd like to share them with you:

The Gift from a child ~ 
Angie: I teach. So end of term in December often brings Christmas gifts from the children...So the gift I remember best is one I received from one of the children yesterday. 

Jack loves school - so much so that he was sad on the last day of term. He didn't want to stop coming every day and wrote in his card (lovingly handmade) to me: 'I like school and you might know it!' With the card came a little present: beautifully wrapped, with a delicate wire gift tag, it contained a pretty little bracelet in my favourite turquoise. He had chosen, wrapped and presented it entirely on his own. He is nine years old. With that gift, I feel he gave me a little of himself. That's too special for words.

The Gift that says I know you well ~ 
LisaThe last gift I received was a week ago from my daughter who works in landscaping. She brought me a beautiful amaryllis for my birthday. It means a lot to me because plants are now a common bond between us, and she knew that I would love this.

The "since you couldn't be there" gift ~
Jennifer: My brother recently went to NYC with his college's drama club. He knows how much I love snow globes and how jealous (or Godly longing, shall we say) I was that he was seeing NYC at Christmas time. So being the sweet brother that he is he brought me a beautiful snow globe with a NYC scene. :) Of course I love it! 

The gift of connecting ~ 
Katie: It isn't a physical tangible gift I can hold. The gift I treasure in my heart, community in which to share my tears tonight at our Blue Christmas. 

The gift of forgiveness and acceptance ~
Brad: I was given a great blessing by my exwife and her awesome husband "Great Man"!. What you guys did for my family was very thoughtful and kind. Thank you for all you have done. It has opened many doors. Jesus lives in your hearts and I'm thankful for that. God Bless you both.

We're so glad you spent this time with us here. We are grateful for you and pray God's blessings of all kinds into your lives.

If you've quietly slipped in we're glad you did. It was wonderful to have you visit.

I'm so happy to connect with Emily 
on this last day of unwrapping December.
Head on over for a visit.