Our Week In Photos ~ How We Connect

And now we head into our time off-the-grid, but first...

How We Connect

There are so many ways we connect with each other. Lisa-Jo has prompted our 5 minutes of unedited writing with a word close to my heart -- connected. 

Friends - coffee time, phone calls, emails. 
Neighbors - hellos, friendly waves, quick catching up at the mailbox. 
Family -  they are most dear to me. My highest priority next to God. I crave time with them in any way shape or form...

Connecting with Mele and Ezie

So, you can only imagine that after 9 days of not seeing them (when we usually see each other all the time) I was ecstatic to see...

I had to hug her and then hug him and then...well, just so excited!

She's always thinking of us and making sure we have time with Ezie. Shilo and I had been under the weather so the visits were postponed. Of course, Shadow was excited and beside himself. 

Ezie is getting so big and at the stage of recognizing, reaching, and grabbing. Mele's informed me that he laughs now! What a great holidays it's going to be with a baby laughing in the house.

Soul Refreshment

Jeremiah 30:19 ~ 

Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows; 
                                 laughter will spill through the doors.

Connecting with David and plans for connecting with the kids

David and I have been connecting over decorations this year. We're excited to have Mele and Ezie in our lives and wanna be as festive as we can. The boys will see familiar and new. It's all coming together nicely. The message of Jesus all over the house now.

Connecting here and there

A new of connecting for me is through facebook, twitter, other social networks, and linking up together at other blog homes. 

Connecting here with all of you.

Today, these words here are inspired by Lisa-Jo's 5-Minuted Friday prompt where I'll be connecting in link-up. 
I close with these photos for camera phone Friday link-up and connecting with Dawn over at her place.

A time of lunch, play, rest, getting out and coming home to decorations. 
It keeps getting better.

1-2) Lunch with David 3) David measuring to hang decor 4) Testing lights 5-7) Snuggle, play, and nap with Shadow 8) Couldn't believe I found this at the discount book store. 9-12) Outdoor lights/decor almost done. 13) Reid checking it all out before he leaves 14) David & Shadow hanging on the porch amongst the lights 15) lighting the nativity candles 16) Our Santa band - now a least 13 years old.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

I pray - 
blessings on you in finding rest, 
recognizing little joys in each day, 
discovering small wonders in the people who surround you, 
and that you live life fully.

Do you have a favorite way of connecting? Hang out for a little while and share about it.

If you've quietly slipped in, we want you to know we're so glad you came by today.

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