Mary, Her Adult Son, and Me

This holiday season has me reflecting often.

I’ve reminisced on those who are no longer with me. I've thought about the times spent together that have filled my heart for what I’m living out today. I’ve recalled holidays past with those I’ll be seeing in the next few weeks.

The memories standing out the most are of our adult sons. It’s probably related to having a new grandson and daughter(in-law). I can’t say for sure. Since October, I’ve seen our sons as little again.

I wonder if Mary saw Jesus “little” as she watched Him move into his adulthood.

I wonder if she worried as he worked and ministered. 

The boys could be watching a game on television and start cheering and fist pumping and I’ll see them playing termite football. Even flashback to those flag football days. 
It makes me smile. 
I just sit back and take it all in. Now they have Ezie watch with them. He’s only 5 months old and being molded. 

I wonder if something Jesus would do sparked a memory in Mary of his little hands reaching up to her for a hug or comfort.

Today, Reid and I had a moment to crack up at his long hair getting stuck in the Vornado. Not to worry, it was out faster than it wound in. We both laughed so hard that we hugged at the same time. 

Later in the day, Shilo stopped by after work. We talked a little, ate a snack, and then he watched college ball and relaxed with Shadow on the couch. I thanked him for forgiving me enough to allow me a part in His life. 
I gave him a tight hug.
All by God's grace.

I wonder if Jesus went back to visit Mary, His mother, just because.

I wonder if they laughed so hard they hugged spontaneously.

I wonder what they talked about. 

I wonder what her heart felt.

There are times I feel so helpless as the boys, now men, go through their seasons, and my role is to just be here for them. Sometimes all I can do is listen, pray with them, pray for them, and do nothing else. I also realize my words may not bring comfort or relief as they grow through it all.

I wonder if Mary felt the same. 

I wonder if she also was as proud as I am of all they do to press through and find their own way.

I wonder if she smiled, just like me, as she pondered “these things” of her adult son.

Your turn ~ Let's sit for awhile and talk...

Do you relate to Mary as mother of an adult child? What do you wonder?

You may be parent to little ones, pre-teens, or teens. Do you ever wonder of their adulthood? 

And you who have slipped in so quietly, thank you once again for visiting.
I pray your time of pondering blesses you.

Bonnie has us pondering on which character we connect with
in the Christmas story.

Wanted to let you all know:
I'll be taking two weeks off for pausing, refreshing, and family.

Join me tomorrow for my last post of 2011. The whole family chipped in.