There are Days When...

There are days when our hearts are so full of joy 
       we just have to burst out in celebration.

There are also days when we are so tired and drained
        it takes everything we've got to even whisper a prayer.

There are days when the love is filled to overflowing 
        and we can't help but share the outpour.

There are even days when we think we can't take the "one more thing" and getting out of bed 
         is the toughest task in the world.

There are days when His grace grips our soul 
and sends our spirits soaring in humble gratitude.

There are also days when we can't even piece the thoughts together and no words come.

Then, there are days that roll around again.
Because of all we've done...

to stay close to His heart
to trust His promises
believing that the hope we have will manifest an answer... 

And then it does.

And once again...

Our hearts fill with joy. 

The love overflows. 

His grace grips our hearts and we fall to our knees
    -- humbled and oh, so grateful.

Today, like every day, He hears our hearts. 

He hears every spoken and unspoken word, thought, and feeling. 

Today, He identifies with us right where we are. 

That's why He came. That's why God's love came down ...Jesus. 

Soul Refreshment

2 Corinthians 1:3-5 ~
   He comes alongside us when we go through hard times,
       and before we know it,
   he brings us alongside someone else
        who is going through hard times
   so that we can be there for that person
        just as God was there for us.

I'm so happy to connect with Emily
and the wonderful people at her place today.