Gifts that Encourage (Dayspring Review/Giveaway)

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We've been unwrapping Jesus all month long with Bonnie over at her amazing blog home. Unwrapping the heart of Christmas. Unwrapping the miracle of Jesus' birth. Some writings unwrap the pain this time of year holds for many and the hope of connecting in and through that pain ... onto healing.

Today we're unwrapping the tangible and the material. These also point us to Jesus and keep our minds on things above. Gifts with meaning and messages to keep us mindful and conscious. Gifts that encourage us to reflect and ponder. Especially when the days aren't as bright or cheerful. Gifts that comfort and realign.

A Few Days Ago:
David got online at the Dayspring store and put in his black Friday order. I watched him and he was having some kind of fun there. The box arrived the other day and He had an awesome surprise in it for me. I had been wanting the bird cage card holder. It just so happened to be on sale at the time. Right on time. He bought for himself to decorate, the nativity trio light holder.

My product for review arrived. One of the things I love to do is recall the Names of Jesus that speak strength back into me when I'm drained or speak joy into me when I want to celebrate. Dayspring's Names of Jesus - Wooden Letter Block will be doing that for me this season. I've already set it out and slowly turned it to look at each name -- Immanuel, Jesus, Messiah, and Saviour. I love that each name has a verse attached to it.

Just What I Wanted:
The extra touch is the little gifts the tucked into that shipment. I couldn't believe it. I was just telling David that I wanted to buy these particular mugs for us and there it was! I had to step back. Shilo had stopped by and was here when I opened the boxes. He had a smile on his face that celebrated with me. It's from the Love Came Down Collection -- which is Dayspring's 2011 Christmas theme. It's the Names of Jesus latte mug which is perfect for me... and the Love Came Down Christian Mug perfect for David!

We want to share a $20 giveaway for you to spend at Dayspring's online store. All you have to do is leave a comment below and/or on our facebook page about a gift you received that holds special meaning for you...even you bought it for yourself.

The entire Love Came Down Collection is on sale right now. Have fun shopping all those gifts with a message. You'll leave their store completely uplifted. If you like, you can order through my Dayspring website as well. I just became a consultant last night. Thank you in advance.

Giveaway will run until Sunday, December 19th, 12a.m. and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 20th.