Color: Our Week In Photos

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend with hopes of rest, little joys, and small wonders. We hope you enjoy our week in photos. There are a few November camera phone pics at the end as we took the Thanksgiving holiday off. 

Thank you for being here. See you next week.

And if you've silently slipped in just to read, we want you to know we truly appreciate your quiet company.

Here we go....

Colors have a way of changing moods. The way it brightens my day or feeds my soul rest. Fall colors and deep winter colors are my eye candy. 

 How certain shades inspire creativity

How about the colors of baking...mmm

Some colors give you permission to relax and just be

There are even colors that feed the soul

How is it that colors can even encourage play?

Colors of the heart as he tries to surprise and decorate

  Those colors that reflect you and memories of the season

What are the colors that reflect you, your soul, the season your heart is in?

I've linked up with Lisa-Jo
for 5 minutes of unedited writing
Today's topic: Color

And for camera phone fun with Dawn....

We did a lot of hangin' out after Thanksgiving:

1) David & I waiting for our massages - Thank You Reid
2) First Holiday photo of the season
3) Matching cups at breakfast
4) Having fun with fashion

Who doesn't love good food? ;-)

1) Breakfast before decorating
2) latte and granola mix with almond butter
3) I love the foam
4) Mele's scone recipe - we made mini's
and of course it's vegan!