Photog: Loves, Passions, Interests to Nurture and Grow

So much of life yet to journey and discover. For times with God, David, and family come first.

Writing, music, photography, nutrition and wellness

Things yet to be explored...surfing & golfing...because my kids love it.

Besides my times with God in prayer
time for me to just be.

Join in the Jam anytime or just peruse for shots of faith


mahina said...

Golfing is pretty awesome! I think you might enjoy it. :)

What a lovely collage. Is that your grandbaby in one of the photos? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mahina :-)

That's our grandson! I love being a Yaya.

Let you know how golfing goes.

Jennifer said...

I love your photo collage! Beautiful! Photography is such a great hobby. :)It was awesome "talking" to you today!

Unknown said...

HI Jennifer! It's wonderful to get your message on a crazy busy day like today. Monday is my busiest, but taking this pause fills my soul. Thank you. Can't wait to visit the other ladies blogs.

Melanie said...

I wanted to hop over and tell you hello and that it was SO nice to meet you at the Faith Barista FB party! :) I just signed up to follow you site and I can't wait to read more! I'm already blessed and encouraged from my time here today :)

Many blessings,

Unknown said...

@Melanie - Pleasure meeting you too. It was so much fun. So glad you came to visit. See you again soon.

Lindsey V said...

I love that you used pictures to share all of your passions because I, too, felt like, "How can I narrow it down and write on just ONE?"

Lots of fun!

Unknown said...

@LindseyV - I know right? You can't just list one. I'm coming over to your place later and see what you're up to ;-). See you there.