Balanced Once Again - What Happened Yesterday

Update: I originally wrote this post over the weekend. Today, I'm also sharing this post in the Thursday Jam with Faith Barista as my Small Acts of Faith theme post. Darrah's act of faith to pursue her dream of photography goes beyond the lens and is from her heart.

I have benefited greatly from people like her and am now enjoying God's dreams for me as they are being nurtured. What an adventure!

My small act of faith is to share her with you and encourage us all to celebrate those who nurture our first steps in life's journey....and unwrap the joys our own unique way.

I'm just finishing an online photography class with the lovely Darrah Parker.

She so full of life, whimsy, and oh so fun!  

Unconventional photography is...her. And she helps us to find what matters to us individually and personally.

Darrah asked us to tell our story in photos. She gave all kinds of tips and encouraged us to keep it "you".  I love that about her.

Setting up my story...

Nutrition school has been such hard work...worth it...but, I took on a little too much. Forgot to factor in the reading and research load for each class. 

Feeling overwhelmed and sleepless the past few days.

When I sat down to put this photo collage together. I didn't expect what would happen next. I saw my day and all the blessings of loved ones and activity in it. 

I unexpectedly unwrapped the joy in my day...and saw a beautiful, family, work, school...gratitude.

I was going to tell the story trying to put my whole life in it. Instead, I gained a lesson to look at the present day and let it all soak in. 

Once again, my spirit is refreshed.

Shout out to the SOL ladies. You encourage me greatly!

 You're invited to the fun and beauty of it too!

Every Tuesday holds a new theme
to help unwrap our days through the lens

Shout out to the Faith Jam Community. 
Your shots of faith refresh me.


Cheryl Allen Salinas said...

Great job! I am glad to hear you balanced and fulfilled!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cheryl. Every so often the new schedules and activities come in to shake it up and make me thankful once again for slow flow...Enjoying your posts too. God bless.

Sierra said...

Wow! I didn't know you were going to nutrition school! Is it online? That is sooo awesome! I think I want to do that someday. I love your posts because they remind me to be thankful for EVERYTHING, even things that cause us stress (like school). :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sierra! From reading your posts both of us have much going School is done through conference call. Very cool you want to study nutrition too.

I'm so glad we can find the thankfulness even in the crazy days.You keep writing girl. I enjoy your words.

Lisa notes... said...

Your pictures are SO lovely! Darrah must be a wonderful teacher. Thanks for sharing her and your photos with us.

Katie said...

I love your photos! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Irene said...

Darrah is such a wonderful inspiration! She encourages you to be "you" and I really like that. Your photos are great! Glad you're feeling refreshed!

God bless! :-)


Unknown said...

Lisa, Katie, and Irene you all are so encouraging! I almost didn't add this to the Jam, but it kept tugging at my heart so I did. I'm thankful I did. Your words fill me to more acts of faith. Thank You.

Bonnie Gray said...

Beautiful collage! Jeri - so wonderful to hear you're sinking more into your gifting for noticing beauty. ;) And nutrition school! WOW! Awesome!

Unknown said...

Thank You Bonnie. I welcome every bit of cheering on. Woohoo!!!