Freedom to Serve in Love

Galatians 5:13Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that's how freedom grows.

That’s what they call David. “Mr. Aloha”. They say he should run for Mayor. He's amazing at hospitality. 

People with the gift of hospitality seem so free in their serving. They seem to serve in ways both tangible and intangible. It's a pleasure to be around them.

Freedom from self-focus:

I was usually a loner. If I was in a group of friends, I’d still feel like being alone. I was always thinking, creating, writing or reading. Nothing in me even desired to be in a crowd. One day, I’d meet David and learn to care about and for others. 

Freedom to love again:

I met David in Sunday School. He wanted to help with kids worship. When he took over, I joined the worship team. Later, he joined too.
Over the years our friendship grew and eventually we had a whirlwind romance. Really. 
Four months after we dated, we were married. Two years later, he adopted the boys. (we waited for our oldest to be ready). 

Freedom in a legacy of hospitality:

David was the first person I met who was so attentive of people’s tiniest needs. He did it so effortlessly. He was so natural and completely enjoyed it. His loving and patient ways eased me into welcoming being served and loved.
I met his family and saw where the hospitality legacy originated. His parents and older sisters were amazing at serving others. They enjoyed it more than David did! Their home was where everyone came together for celebrations and holidays.

What I saw in them was people who freely served with their hands, heart, spirit and words. They put others needs above their own in every way. It wasn't just serving at gatherings.

Freedom in learning from their gifts:

They spoke encouragement and comfort. 
They showed love without reserve.
They gave without hesitation.
They received a woman and her two boys as daughter and grandsons with all their hearts.

Hospitality and you:
Isn't amazing to be in the very company of ones with such a beautiful gift? If you are the one with this gift, I cheer and applaud you. You make us all feel loved, accepted, welcomed, and nourished.

I pray we make you feel welcomed here with the words and photos we share. God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, what a lovely family, encouraging post! I think we have to have received before we can give...and for most of us we need to have a model, see love in action, rest in a community of love. Thank you for showing us in words and pictures your husband's legacy.

Kissie said...

Hello, my beautiful sister!

I wanted to stop by and let you know that I appreciate you and what you do.

Continue to let your light shine. Your site is absolutely outstanding!

Thank you much. :-)

Dawn said...

Thank you for sharing this post....God is so good!

Lisa notes... said...

It is definitely a blessing to be around people who have this gift (I don't have it!). I want to learn from them so I can get better at it. Thanks for sharing about David and his family. They sound wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful! Hospitable people always make life happier. :)

Unknown said...

Ladies you bless my heart today. Thank you coming and hanging out. I look forward to reading our posts and visiting your sites as well.

God Bless and have a great weekend!

Bonnie Gray said...

This is so special, Jeri! I got to know David and his family too. You guys seem just made for each other! Is it me, or did you just change your blog to be hosted with you & David? That is SO cool! ;) Loved hearing your whirlwind romance. Still in love...

Unknown said...

Bonnie you continue to get more awesomer every time. Yes, more awesomer :D

David & I did the blog together more often, but over the last 9 months he's had to train at work. So, he helps offline mostly and with FB too.