Soothing Soul Whispers

This photo was taken a few months ago on an early evening rain walk with David and Shadow. A special time when I find breathing room for my soul.

My new rain boots. I was so excited to get them wet and dirty. I happen to look down and saw the fallen blossoms lit by the street lamp. I heard the soul whispers from days earlier. Our grandson's voice sweetly breathed out, "Yaya, I'm so proud of you."

Inspired by Bonnie Gray
Finding Spiritual Whitespace (Ch3)
Feel free to download this image for yourself.

It was a moment when I could choose between being loudly angry at him or choose to bow my head and pray, "Jesus, help me." Immediately, God gifted me with those sweet words and a hug from the little man.

God whispered to my soul. Now my soul whispers to yours...

May we see that there is no pressure in being an example of God's love, when we come to Jesus just as we are. Yes, truly as we are in our innermost parts that matter most. No need for masks. We are safe there.

Hugs from Hawaii,

Psalm 41:6 ~ You are a safe place to hide
You are ready to help when I need you...

Isaiah 1:18 ~ "Come now, and let us reason together
Says the Lord...

Savoring a sweet brew with Bonnie.
Come have a few sips with us.
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Sipping Coffee for Your Heart with Holley.
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