Rediscovering My Childhood


That's me on the left just seven days before my eleventh birthday...thirty-nine years ago. That was our new puppy Ilio at the time. Ilio means 'dog' in Hawaiian. Ha, ha. I loved that dog.

You can see the tomboy there. My hair was usually long and never stayed neat. I look at this photo and all the joys of that time come back to me. I forgot, for a few decades, how much I loved to play outside. To run, skateboard, bike, go to the beach, play ball with my little brothers. Even walk or bike for miles to friends homes.

I see now it's no accident how the outdoors re-entered as my soul good space. Even with my condition, it has found a way to move back into my every day. In new ways.

I'm finding the little girl in me again through our grandson. Our days are filled with hot wheels, lots of trucks, planets and galaxies, and our new favorite show, Miles From Tomorrowland.

How about the child in you? Take some time to sit and remember what you loved to do in those early years. You might just find a few of those things made it's way into our adult seasons of life.

May you rediscover the joys that filled your childhood days. 
May it create breathing room for your soul.

Hugs from Hawaii,

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