How to Declutter the Soul

photo from tea time with my grandson

Physical clutter causes me to hold my breath. I am now becoming aware of the many other things that clutter my soul.

The random thoughts that speed in and out of my mind.
The ping-pong emotions that accompany those disorderly thoughts.
The indecisiveness that brings chaotic dilemma.
The past hurts I would rather forget that stomp extremely loud on the floor of my heart.

Oh, but to breathe. To find God's space to breathe. The space he created just for me and him. Our oasis.

Room to partition from the disorganized clutter.
A quiet place for respite from the clamoring noise.
Wide, open space where fresh air rejuvenates and revitalizes...the soul.

How do we start?

Just show up and be with God. No words necessary. My favorite way to declutter and decompress. My second go-to when I need more encouragement is to connect. Online or in person. Both are good.

May we make time to be kind to ourselves. 
To go find the room to breathe that God has created for each one of us. May we do it often.

Hugs from Hawaii,

Psalm 46:10 ~ 
“Step out of the traffic! Take a long,
    loving look at me, your High God,
    above politics, above everything.”

Isaiah 41:1 ~
Do You Feel Like a Lowly Worm? ] 
Quiet down, far-flung ocean islands. 
Listen! Sit down and rest, everyone. 
Recover your strength. Gather around me. 
Say what’s on your heart. 
Together let’s decide what’s right.

I am sipping a good brew with Bonnie.
We saved some for you.
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Sipping Coffee for Your Heart with Holley too
A cup for you here too.