Soul Goodness::PhotoJournal

Giggles, snuggles, and just plain being together have been my soul food in this season.

So calming, soothing and full of rest. 

Especially, before the little one goes to school in a week. 
BigDog and I are going to miss the full days with him. 

But the new normal holds promise for more whitespace for my soul. More of God's breathing room for my soul:

May you have many moments of soul goodness to feed your soul the rest it is craving.

Isaiah 60:2 ~ ...But God rises on you, His sunrise glory breaks over you.

Hugs from Hawaii,

Hi Dabee. Just home from work.

This is a God only miracle. BigDog is a rescue-rehab
trained with our grandson since his birth.
Something new. He learned while I did edits. 
"Come make with me, Dabee!" When he comes home.
His new and very own safari bed. Mickey space bedding.
Saturn is his favorite.
Bedtime rituals. He asks for his bible and learns as he flips through.
He wanted to make me laugh when I wasn't feeling well.
It really worked!
One night at mall closing. This lifted my soul so high.
Strangers joined in every so often and had a blast too. 

Sipping soul good brews with Bonnie and the gang.

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