The Waiting and Beginning Again

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Grace. Such a powerfully forgiving word. I have been so blessed by countless people encouraging me while on my unexpected break from blogging my heart here.

I have had such a beautiful time of rest and recovery. Our family, on the mend both individually and as a unit. It made room for months of miracles, healing, and restoration.

To celebrate God in this New Year, I pray blessings of joy, peace, healing, and restoration for all of you.

The struggle is hard. 
The issues are real. 
The mess is total chaos. 

Yet with complete surety I can tell you, that in time...

Healing and restoration will come.
God is completely faithful.
The joy and peace that follow will blow your mind.

Praying for you in the waiting. Believing with you for beginning again.

Hugs from Hawaii,

I’m having Coffee For Your Heart with my friend Holley Gerth