In the New Normal::Lessons from Lil Man and Dabee

He calls Dabee, 'Bubbee' lol

April 28th was my 5 month marker for adapting to our new normal. It has me looking around at all that has been changing. How much smoother the transition is occurring. Embracing the slow flow and constant rest. My heart lens has focused on the sweetest change lately. Our grandson has latched on to David.

I love watching Lil Man and Dabee together. He can hold a two way conversation now. He even lets us know when we aren't understanding him correctly. He still doesn't speak all clearly. Watching them helps me to learn new things about communication.

I'm seeing how Lil Man can best understand us - hand motions with words for example.
I'm learning a new side of David. An attentiveness and slowing when he's with Lil Man.

I see them both giving the time and paying attention to each other on purpose. The gift is sweetness. Their bond is rooted in accepting each other right where they are at.

Yes, indeed. I am learning life lessons from a soon to be 3-year old and my 'becoming' hubby.

Any sweet changes going on in your tribe? I'd love to hear about it and connect with you.

Hugs across the ocean,

Too big for his car. Time to go shopping.

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