Tapping to God's Rhythm

Never Alone in the chaos and joys ~ Connect with ones who lift us up

We don't see 'it' coming. Bam! Sudden change. Everything is thrown off beat.

When we're in the middle of the battle we struggle because we think we have to strive. Fight for something, for survival.

But... It's okay to stop for a bit. In fact, that's the best thing to do. Pause. Cry if we have to. Get angry.

Breathe prayer. Even if it's just a whisper of Jesus name. That's enough to start the new song He wants to sing over us.

Maybe we don't dance right away. We just listen there under the covers. Eventually, we sit up. It's such a good song. We don't even notice, we're tapping our foot as He sings. His song fills us to start the healing.

May we find rest and renewal in the flow of God's rhythm until we can dance again.

Hugs from Hawaii,

1 Kings 8:58 ~ 
May he keep us centered and devoted to him, 
following the life path he has cleared, 
watching the signposts, 
walking at the pace and rhythms he laid down for our ancestors.

A fresh cup of encouragement here and with Bonnie today.