'Gasa-Gasa' to Slow Flow

We use a Japanese slang here in Hawaii, gasa gasa. Usually, it is said of a child who can't keep still. Sometimes, in someone who tries to do much. I guess it could mean overactive and rushing.

Well, all the above would completely describe me from childhood until about 8 years ago. My health changed and my lifestyle was forced to 'slow flow'.

My family regularly hears me say ~ slow down and breathe, be mindful, close your eyes and stop for a minute.

I am now so into encouraging everyone to pause and breathe deeply. Only because as I practice the slowing to pause, I realize its total goodness. Seeing what I might not have if on the move. Taking notice of things and people around me. In the mindfulness, moments are thoroughly processed and gratitude celebrated.

It is so relaxing and refreshing there. We are worth that goodness.

First my body was forced to. But as I settled into the forced rest with Jesus, I learned a new rhythm. My mind was eased. My soul soothed.

This journey has become and adventure with God. The treasures discovered are joys and wonders in my everydayness. I truly pray the same and more for you.

Hugs from Hawaii,

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