Joys Find Me:: Enjoy the Joys

Mondo foamage, new haircut, and purple nails make me smile

The thought of joy has the faces of my family and friends filling my mind and heart. Joy makes me thing of God's gracious love for me.

The little joys in my everydayness are my new favorites enhancing the ones already surrounding me. These new joys are filling my soul with such appreciation and humble grace.

I am embracing my new normal in being mostly homebound. Re-discovering the little and small. Newly discovering daily treasures. My soul arms gather them in for a big bear hug. Soul good.

I pray we begin to toast the little joys that find us right in the moment. Pause to breathe them in. Still to let them wash over us. May God open us up to His daily gifts of little joys and small wonders.

Enjoy the fun I find in my mornings captured in this short video. (1:10)

Hugs from Hawaii,

Mornings and Coffee from Jeri Taira on Vimeo.

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