Inspiration Finds Me:: Even on the Street

It is so easy to fall into the trap of self-pity. Well, for me anyway. I might wake up on a low energy day with the symptoms of this condition taking over my body. Or, in the middle of a good day the symptoms might force rest.

I'm learning to embrace the uneven patterns and say, "Jesus, you have made this day too." I can even smile now as I say it out loud. Everything changes right then. I feel different. Even if the skies are winter gray, I see it's unique beauty and welcome it into my soul. You know, the gray even seems brighter right then.

Here's the extras just when I need a lift...

I'll get a text from sweet Amanda. 

Shilo will surprise me and stop by with Lil Man. 

I'll be just well enough to go see Annette. 


Yesterday, on our walk I ran into a sweet acquaintance who doesn't even live in our area. She just decided to exercise our awesome hills! We had an uplifting little reunion.

You see! God sends inspiration to find me and lift me up. 

He sends inspiration to us every day.  
I'm so excited for us all to see it. 
Receive it. 
Joy in it.

My inspiration for finding even the littlest of joys and smallest of wonders will always be God. The extra and sweet gracious gift He gives me is in the ones around me.

He is surrounding you with a few or many to inspire you. 

May we pause...breathe...and see.

Hugs from Hawaii,

Psalms 46:8, 10 ~ "Attention all! See the marvels of God! 
Step out of traffic! 
Take a long loving look at me, your High God, 

You're invited to join me, my sweet friend/life coach Holley
and a few other ladies for coffee every Wednesday.