It's Time

No matter what spend time in His presence and His Word

His compassion in my weakness ~

Embracing my fragility. Wow. That one absolutely floored me. I poured out to Jesus about needing His strength to let Him take me through the long journey of healing. Actually, I was way too upset and groaning about why it was taking so long *sheepish grin*. The next day, my Jesus Calling devotional spoke life words on it all. 

Life words for what’s ahead ~
It read on with words that reached way down inside me and warmed me to tears. Words like weak, weary, rest, snugly. Then I reached the part about being ‘gifted with fragility’ as a ‘sacred treasure’ that’s “delicate and yet glowing with brilliant light”. It encouraged me not to ‘disguise or deny my weakness’. It said embracing my fragility allowed God to bless me richly through it.

Be True to You
He reminded me about His constant tugs in the past to listen and obey in what was coming. Now, it’s time. Time to write differently in words and timing. Time to live differently as I embrace life changes.

Trust and Obey ~
There will be times when words are pouring on to the page and other times when it may be few. Sometimes with just photos. To welcome the times of writing and times of complete silence. 

I’m a planner. How is this even going to work? Well, I get it now. These months of time off have helped tremendously. I’ll write when He asks and be silent when He asks. No schedule. Just obedience and trust. Remembering the words and photos I’ll share really are His to begin with. Gifts to me and you. Gifts to share.

Best pillow ever. Both of us healing.
New Normal ~
So much has changed in the past few months. Taking time off. My health challenges, healing that requires more rest than I’m used to. The kids moving in and all the adjustments that come with it. My life coach, Holley Gerth, calls it the new normal. I like that. She’s been helping me work through my dreams, my everyday challenges, and shown me I am more than I think. Jesus is why. 

After talking with Holley, I've decided to begin sharing more on what we're coaching through in future posts :-)

I can’t wait to take you along on my new normal and all of our ups and downs. I’m completely afraid, but ready to be as transparent about my daily challenges in health and lifestyle as God leads me to share with you.

Okay, I'm crazy and freaked out scared. Yet, I know it’s all good. New normal in family, everydayness, writing and! Yikes!

Fun Stuff  in Living Life now~ 
I've been taking more photography classes online. Love it! I've also become a Certified 
Biblical Life Coach. Holley has helped me so much in the past 10 months, I wanted to pass it on through my photos and writing. We initially started out with me writing a book and it led to all we've been working through. 
David took off a week to let me recover

Prayer Request ~
Can I ask you to keep me in prayer for listening and obedience? And to pray for all the new normal in my life and that of my family too? To see Him in it all. Thank You so much.

My Prayer ~ Jesus, I’m afraid. It’s kinda freaky to step into all this new. It’s shaken me up. It’s good and hard. Parts of my heart just don’t want to move forward. Other parts of me can’t wait to get going. And fragility, whoa. I need you. I really, really need to know you are with me. For the ones reading these words, I pray you help them to trust and obey in what’s ahead too. Bless them with people in their lives to encourage and keep accountable. Amen.

Soul Refreshment:

Isaiah 42:3-4 ~ 

He won't brush aside the bruised and the hurt
   and he won't disregard the small and insignificant,
   but he'll steadily and firmly set things right.
He won't tire out and quit. He won't be stopped 
   until he's finished his work—to set things right on earth.

From Shadow's pool day. Living life on the "well" days


As always, if you've silently popped in, thanks for being here and sharing in my every day.

Where I'm hanging out ~ 

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