Thoughts for the Weekend ~ {June}

Soul Refreshment: Psalm 118:23-25 ~ 

This is God's work!
We rub our eyes and hardly believe it!
This is the very day God acted --
Let's celebrate and be festive!
Salvation now, God, Salvation now!
Oh yes, God -- a free and full life

Heading in to the weekend I'm becoming more excited. Why? Because it's already June! Summer's here and that means the outdoor activities can begin. The dry weather gifts me with my favorite activity - hiking. Our younger son will be and on a music tour. Our older son will be finding his fitting as a new dad and husband along with a new job. 

What's your favorite summer time activity? 
Maybe you have more than one. 

How fun! 

Is it indoor, outdoor, or do you have a mix of both? 

Even more fun!

Has any new things sprung up that take you into summer adventures?

I'll be away from our blog home for June and will be joyfully back in July.

Our Summer arrives sort of pre-planned for us. A work trip, our 16th anniversary, and Father's Day with two families on separate weekends. I'm really looking forward to these. 

For myself, I have 2 classes and 2 reading groups that already began and will end with the Summer. No worries, they've already started and I've been able to get plenty of quiet time with God, down time for me, and rest too.

 If you're taking time off this Summer for vacations, family, long weekends...
I pray you are refreshed, filled, and make lasting memories of all the crazy, chaos and fun.
I also pray that you find rest and rejuvenation.

See you all in July! 
Happy Summer all and God Bless you and yours.


I'm so excited to share that we've added new buttons on the side bar.
Hope you like them...

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