Untethered and Disconnected

Life doesn't happen perfectly and I'm a completely imperfect woman.

God's gift of community helps me celebrate the joys in life and gets me through the crazy, low, and hopeless days. They get me through the many chaotic days I might not get to talk about.

What disconnected me:

There are many circumstances that cause isolation and loneliness. For myself it was illness. One day in 2006 my health went awry. It forced me to live indoors and isolated 4 months.

To make my long story, a little shorter we’ll skip all the illness part and talk about the dreams and friendships God brought. 

I never realized how busy it kept David and I. In the following year I found I had become untethered from my friendships. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. For a few months we tried to get together, text, email, whatever we could. The fact was our lives had changed long before. Our children had become adults. New goals and dreams were in place.

New community:

I’d never thought about my family as my primary community. The first person I reconnected with was David. We started enjoying each other. We turned off the television. 
We talked about anything -- silly, funny, whatever, important, dreams.
We played together -- table games, with our dog.
We rested together -- prayed, read, slow walks ( I could only walk toddler pace then)
Planned together -- now parents of adult children, we could plan a new future.

It started with a new friend:

Annette is my hairdresser/hairstylist. We always chit-chatted before I got sick. But, once I was able to visit her again, it all changed. Got brought a new friend. We started talking about our lives, our struggles, our joys and dreams. We prayed together. Shared God together. All because I shared about what God was doing through my illness. 

She calls me her second Mom. I have a friend and daughter. She encourages my dreams and cheers me on. She loves me enough to tell me when I'm out of place too. I love that about her. She's amazing.

New neighbors moved in on both sides of us. Those two women would become a huge support and sweet friends. One of them has since moved away. As my health improved I could play outside with the kids and be a kid myself.
Fast forward:
I rediscovered my camera and began to see my world through God’s eyes, His lens. It was amazing. I truly healed physically through this new love. The creating makes my heart beat a little faster.

Our family came together again in November 2010. Times at our home, family meals together, going out together, hanging out and my favorite is that we can really talk about things. Real life issues. The ones who never hugged before are now reformed huggers. We can argue, disagree, and still have love.
I rediscovered my young girl dream. Writing. I’d forgotten. God didn’t. I’d always written songs. Then God added to it. He remembered and gifted it to me two years ago. Writing life-words in finding simple joys and discovering small wonders in my everyday to share with all.
Tethered and connected to family and you:
Family was my undiscovered wonder of community. I see them different now. I’d taken them for granted. I’ve found community online too. If I hadn’t gotten sick. If I hadn’t found my family again and let truly let them in, I would never have been brave enough to adventure knowing all of you. I would’ve never picked up my camera, pen, and laptop.

Wonderful quiet ones who slip in and visit, you are community too. 

Soul Refreshment:
Jeremiah 31:22 ~ 
God will create a new thing in this land: A transformed woman will embrace the transforming God!” 
Psalm 16: 3 ~ 
And these God-chosen lives all around -- what splendid friends they make!
Jeremiah 30:19-20 ~ 
Thanksgivings will pour out of the windows;
   laughter will spill through the doors.
Things will get better and better.
   Depression days are over.
They'll thrive, they'll flourish.
   The days of contempt will be over.
A prayer for you/us:
Lord, I pray that any who feels untethered and disconnected will find acceptance and belonging in you. I believe you will bring the best people for them, into their lives. Ones who will encourage and uplift. Ones who will love unconditionally and truthfully. 
I pray you take all our preconceived notions of community and relationships and replace them with your truth of connecting and belonging. Take away all untrue fantasies of what it should be like. Let us be who we really are, right where we’re at and bring the ones who will love us because of it.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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