Let's Get 'Er Done...and fast!

My fave slippers to help me slow on our walks
It's morning! Eyes pop open. Jump out of bed. Get ready quick! 

Move! Move! Move! Next...

Downstairs. Breakfast. Dishes. Work. Quick break.

Move! Move! Move! Next...

Can anyone relate? Out of breath yet?

I'm a recovering "let's get 'er done and fast" girl. I was always focusing a few steps ahead. 

It's been 7 years now and I'm still going through the process of slow-flow. Every year gets more calm and peaceful. I love it! Less of a marathon and more like a jog. I can actually have a conversation and fully breathe.

Everything I did in chores, activities, and even down time all had a clock and stopwatch. My dreams had a "rush" stamped on them too. I had to stuff as much as I could into not just one day, but each hour. Crazy!

You know what I've found and am still becoming aware of? Rushing through life makes me an unhappy grouch. It makes me unpleasant to be around. I set a terribly uneasy tone in my own home. No one can relax.

I've been down with a bad cold the last two weeks. A forced slow-flow. The past two days I've felt better. Wouldn't you know it? I wanted to dive right back into everything. 

This morning, I stopped myself. Walked back over to the bed and prayed. "Lord, I need to linger in the slow. Show me how." 

Here's how it all went after that:

Wake up slowly
Get out of bed slowly
Move slowly and softly
Reach for _________ gently
Open the closet gently
Get dressed slowly, calmly
Walk slow, gentle steps
Brush slowly and gently
Look in the mirror and smile softly
Smooth the bedspread slowly, gently

Lingering in the slow and gentle softened me. I felt so relaxed. I became mindful of the morning light and sounds. I intently set the pace for our home. My day was completely productive without the rush and push.

This is what opens me up to the joys and wonders God breaths into my everyday -- Lingering with Him in the slow-flow. 

Soul Refreshment

Psalm 23:3 ~ True to your word, you let me catch my breath (refresh me) 
     and send me in the right direction. 

Isaiah 52:12 ~ But you don't have to be in a hurry. 
   You're not running from anybody!

Your turn

Are you a "let's get 'er done and fast" person?
In progress like me?
Have you learned to slow-flow?

I'd love to read about it.

If you've quietly slipped in, you're invited to ponder the "rush and slow-flow" and find where you're at.