Dabee and Yaya Adventures Begin

I remember David and I lying in bed one night thinking of what we'd like our grandchild to call us.

David's a funny guy so he went along the lines of a few nicknames he gives himself. Dabeed, Dabeedoo, and more. He cut that short and it became DabeeI had Reid look up Hispanic terms for grandmother. Somewhere in there we found that Yaya was slang for grandma. It totally matched the playfulness in me.

I told everyone I could the story. When he's old enough to talk people will ask him, "Where are you going today?" and he'll answer, "I'm going to Dabee and Yaya's house." Sounds fun right?! When he's in college it won't sound so bad either. I can just hear his "man" voice saying it.

The grandparent adventure was a surprise. We hadn't planned ahead for that one, but we talked about getting our health in order and lives in order so we'd be healthy for our grandkids. Thank goodness, I'm well enough to really enjoy our grandson and have fun. This one truly helps me linger in each moment of the adventure.

We planned for the adventure of empty nesting. We heard so many stories of people not looking forward to it and becoming depressed. So, we planned for it. When each of the boys turned 17, we got ourselves ready for them becoming independent. Not to say it was easy watching our first son fly, but it did help to have plans for what we would do when they went off on their own. Like traveling, saving, and living different dreams. Parenting adult children is a blessing and challenge. So worth the bonding.

In this season of our lives, I find the adventure is in the planning. It may not be so for everyone or for every season. But, here we are in this season where it is true for us. Not every plan was able to work. But making those plans together was absolute fun! We discover more of ourselves, each other and how it's all changing now. This journey is hard sometimes, gets weary too, but what an adventure!

My apologies if this is all over the place - the whole clan is sick this week. But, I had to even take up this adventure and write anyway.

Soul Refreshment: 

Proverbs 19:21
We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God's purpose prevails.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. 
Thank you also to those of you who quietly visited. 
You all bless my life.

Today's One Word is Adventure.
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