Quiet Places - Empty Spaces

Quiet places are so healing. To just sit without distraction or occupation. The peace and calm somehow bring a rest and refreshing. A hike, a back deck, a long easy walk, or even the couch when no one's home. So silent.

Empty spaces create wanting. It long to be filled with something, anything. The hunger for fulfillment lives here. That can be a wonderful thing when filled with the right things for each of us. If not, it can be chaos and heartache. I've known that pain. Sometimes it revisits me.

Oh, when I enter my quiet place with God and bring Him my downcast, unfulfilled, and dark "nothingness", He speaks life into me. Jesus fills my empty spaces with ideas, dreams, and creativity. He satisfies me with His unconditional love. He shines beauty, wonder, and unspeakable joys that illuminate my emptiness. I love to linger here with Him. 

With You in Mind:
~ And your quiet places? Where do you go? Will you go there and linger with Him? Stay for awhile.

~ Your empty spaces? What do you fill it with? Who do you fill it with?

~ Can I pray for your empty spaces this week? It would be such a privilege to do so.

~ As always I hope you know that I pray for you who quietly visit too. 

Our Prayer Request:
Will you pray for David and myself? We are both hungering for building time together. Life happened, good things too! So good, that we realize we've missed out on almost two months of our own time. Thank you so much for doing so. 

Soul Refreshment:
Ezekiel 36:36 ~ The nations around you that are still in existence will realize that I, God, rebuild ruins and replant empty waste places. I, God, said so, and I'll do it.