How I Upset Our Family Rhythm and Found Gentleness and Grace

Sisters In BloomIt wasn't just about a having one bad day. This was more to do with having too many off days. I was beginning to mistreat the ones closest to me. I didn't like who I was becoming. The day-to-day seemed so insignificant. I lost the motivation to live out my everyday dreams and bigger dreams....

Today I'm guest posting at Sisters In Bloom. I'm so blessed to invite you there to read on about losing my God-rhythm and still somehow finding a path He paved from the upset to gentleness and grace. It's a continuous process for me.

See you all there. You're invited over too guys. God Bless You

In God's Love, Jeri


Dave @GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thanks sweetie, that was wonderful. Really appreciate your generous transparency & love. David

Jeri Taira said...

Thank You Honey. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me. I saw you visited Sisters In Bloom for my post. I love you