Photos and a Guest Post

Valentine's Day, my first time babysitting Ezie, and being with people I love. It's been an amazing week. 

Top left: Sneaking one in. Top Right: What a pair. They're amazed by each other.
Bottom left: My Diva's...much love.   Bottom right: Her Valentine's gift for him.

Monday, 2/20/12 ~ 

Sisters In Bloom
Sisters In BloomI'll be guest posting over at Sisters in Bloom. I'll have a lead in post from here. I'm so excited. 

Guys, please don't hesitate to head on over and read in. I fess up on a time I messed up with David. But, ah grace. 

With You in Mind ~ 

Have a blessed weekend and may it be filled with whatever you're needing in rest, fun, adventure, or __________(you fill in that blank). 

As always make time for unwrapping little joys and discovering small wonders He's gifted to us. Then go ahead and linger in them.