Unwrapping a Good Rest

Soul Refreshment:

I'm discovering how a good rest can come in so many ways -- 
       "resting in", "resting from", "resting with" and the classic "resting up".

Resting from the ordinary and doing something different or new can be refreshing.

Resting from, when the timer goes off and tells me to get up and move around.

Resting with, sometimes comes in play form. Gets my mind off the "doing".

How restful to sit with Shadow and stroke his fur. Of course, he loves that too.

Resting up has made space for creating. 

A good rest comes in being with those who lift your spirits. 

A good rest is found in activities that refresh the heart.

A good rest has even come out of a really good belly laugh.

I still opt for that uninterrupted quality sleep. Who's with me on that one? :D 
Let's throw in a few naps for good measure. Resting up for sure!

An awesome read gets me some good rest too. Love being in those books that draw me in. 

A long, slow walk with David and Shadow brings rest as the sights catch my eye and I breathe in God's beauty.

Letting go of the past and giving it permission to enrich my present has brought me rest from the hurts, bitterness, and other negative emotions. I can rest in breathing again.

The ones I can trust with my heart, has brought deep rest. It took awhile to find them. I'm so glad I didn't stop looking for them. I'm even more joyful that some of them have found me.

My favorite rest is in the quiet. Oh, how stillness calms me. Solitude is so healing. Being with God, in His presence, basking in His grace and love. 

I'd love to hear from you ~ 
Will you share your ways of resting with me? 
Have you discovered a new kind of rest? 
And if you've quietly slipped in just to read, I'm glad you came by today.

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