Do I Rest or Push Through?

Today, my 5-Minute Friday post and our Week in Photos are combined. Have a wonderful, fun, and restful weekend all. Praying we all discover more of His love for us each day.

Let's start with 5-Minute Friday ~

Our session this morning was amazing! After we hung, up I felt so refreshed in all the revelation. 

She taught me to know the difference between the times when I need to push through or times when I am exhausted and need to rest. 

Need to Push Through: 
I know I can push through when there is still creativity flowing. If I were to be distracted in any way, I can still be refocused. Here, my joy is still intact. The task can be accomplished, and the goal can be achieved. 

Need to Rest: 
If I find myself drawing blanks, forgetting too often, or jumping all over the place then it’s time to slow flow. I need to walk away from it all and take time to breathe or even nap if need be. 

I head into my weekend off the grid in obedience to the choice that leads me to joy.

Are you at a place where you “need to push through” or do you “need to rest”?

Photos from our time off last week:

Took time for each other over the holiday

Got lots of rest and did relaxing things

Happy Raiders Fans - watched the game with him.