{Dwell} :: Hang All Night

Dwelling with friends...so grateful for the time they've invested into me.

Two definitions of dwell really caught my attention. Firstto hang all nightSecondto remain with you all night. It reminded me of all the new relationships I've developed over the past 5 years. I reminisced on the relationships that remain, but are not as close and those who have come and gone. I do love them all. 

Getting sick brought me closer to God in healthy isolation. Once I was able to get out and about again, I hit the book stores. One of my ultimate slow flow activities. I met strangers in those book stores and had amazing conversations. It felt like I had many different bible study groups during those times. It all happened in one hour's time. 

They didn't realize they hung out with me in my night and remained with me until I was filled. Then off we went. I never saw the same person twice. My soul was well-fed.

God has showered me with so much grace in the area of relationshipsHe's gathered new people around me who are even more to my soul than I imagined. They didn't come right away. They trickled in one at a time. I think that's the only way I could receive them, grow to accept and trust them, and finally love them as my family.

These are the people that came during the hardest part of that time. They truly hung out with me all night and have remained part of my life. People of all different ages and in different seasons of life seasoned my soul.

Your turn ~
Have you "dwelled" with someone as you made small talk in line or at the bookstore?
Maybe others stayed with you and hung out all night. I pray the memory of them blesses you to gratitude today.

Soul Refreshment ~ 
Hanging out with friends who really know you leaves breathing space to just be together. No words, just hanging out all night long.

The kind words of strangers can be the best soul comfort.

*I'm dedicating November's life words to gratitude and dwelling.