Refreshing Day 26 ~ Uncomfortable Motivation

"People who walk with a leading from the Lord have a sense of purpose, which clearly marks the boundaries of their lives and makes their choices easy." ~ Stormie Omartian, Just Enough Light For the Step I'm on

Taking risks:

Last week, I stepped out in faith and took the first steps toward living my dreams. After a year of praying and talking with David I made that life-changing phone call. I did it! 

Fear was at its loudest. It was like being at a concert smack dab in front near that speaker. But, I knew my purpose. I hadn't been more sure of anything than what took place over those 4 days last week.


God, in his compassion of my fears timed the planting of each detail in my heart. He slowly harrows at my rough surface of inadequacy. Gently, He smooths it. He ploughs deep into the the scars left by my critics. He removes the weeds of doubt. Just enough weeding to allow seeds of His Truth to begin growing. Truth that reveals which dreams are mine and which dreams are His gifts to me. I realize my dreams were just toys and trinkets compared to the treasures He has in store.

  • Assurance of who I am in His eyes
  • Confidence that what He says about me is truth
  • Compassion to move from inward living to welcoming others in
  • Mindfulness of the present and all His gifts to unwrap daily
  • My distracting dreams uprooted, and His invigorating dreams blossoming

Motivating fear:

She told me that my fear would grow louder now that I've stepped forward. She also assured me that meant I was going the right direction. It's uncomfortable, and yet motivating. 

In the past fear would've wilted me. Since I made that call, her counsel has refreshed me. The fear is now encouraging me to move ahead as He lights the next step.

My everyday:

God's dream actually unfolding excites me to no end. My everyday ins and outs keep me grounded. That's the biggest gift in all of this. The mundane chores seem more enjoyable. He had already planted that last year, but this week I love doing it even more. 

I'm praying for your dreams. I pray that God would align your dreams with His. His dreams for you are so satisfying and fulfilling. His dreams for you are amazing. His dreams for you heal and restore.

I'm cheering for you to find the gift of His true dreams.
Can you let Him uproot your dreams and plant His instead?
Will you let those uncomfortable fears motivate you?

Soul Refreshment:

Psalm 119:33-40 ~ 

Divert my eyes away from toys and trinkets,
  invigorate me on the pilgrim way.
Affirm your promises to me -
  promises made to all who fear you.
Deflect the harsh words of my critics -
  but what you say is always good.

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