A Life Less Stressed - My Faith, My Strength, My Change

Jeremiah 30:15-17:

God, the Master, The Holy One of Israel, 
has this solemn counsel:

"Your salvation requires you to turn back to me 
   and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves.
Your strength will come from settling down 
   in complete dependence on me—
The very thing you've been unwilling to do

My silly efforts - to figure it out, reason, and try harder
I wear out my creativity…lose my zest…curl up…or freak out.

Turning back to God - trusting He’ll direct me, open the right doors, bring the right people, take me through the painful and unforeseeable. 
It strengthens me.

Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever!: Gods Plan for Lasting Peace of MindThe Power of Praying® for Your Adult ChildrenLearning complete dependence on God - Remembering His track record of faithfulness in my life and the ones I love, especially our adult sons. 

This is sustainable living. This is a “stress-less” life. 
Not that challenges are absent, but that He settles and eases me in it all.

Now I enjoy the sounds, the sights, the tastes, the smells and the feels of my everyday living.

I am not unwilling to turn, to trust, to rest, to enjoy and be filled by the seemingly small things...

Days with my Family

Good morning smiles

David’s caresses

Shadow’s paws tapping the floor as he trots

Laughter filling the house

David’s hummus, chili, and salsa

Getting crazy and silly

The change of the season

Fall colors warm and soothing

Light showers of rain on a walk

The soft cool breezes 

The rustling leaves

Smells of cinnamon and hot chocolate


How much I’ve grown

All the love I have to give

True forgiveness and forgiving

Sweet soul peace

I can smile when I look at her in the mirror -

She’s turning, trusting, enjoying, and being filled by God and all He has for her.

My faith continues to change me, heal me, broaden me…and make me confident.

I am…
A Woman and daughter of God...Wife...Compassionate Vegan...
Pet Parent...Mother...Friend...Writer...World Changer
…genuinely who God made me to be.

I cheer for you...pray for you...share your pain... celebrate your victories...and I love doing that!

How does your faith affect you...your personality...and your everyday living? 

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Lisa said...

You. Are. Amazing. What a beautiful post. I needed that!!!

Lindsay said...

Jeri - this was such a beautiful reminder to me today to stop worrying so much and to just relax. I've been feeling so overwhelmed by my two new jobs as of late - both animal advocacy jobs - so I haven't had time to just breathe. Well, this morning, I will. Thanks as always, beautiful, loving, wise Jeri! :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful description of what God has been doing in your life! :)

Bonnie Gray said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear... slowly, but surely, we are beings sustained one day at a time. So glad you're jamming!

Toyin O. said...

Keep trusting Jesus, he will never let you down.


Amanda @ Vegacious said...

Beautiful post and beautiful faith. I pray that my faith is infused daily with the love of Christ and that I show His love to all I encounter!

Amy in Peru said...

yay! encouraging words Jeri :)

thank you.

amy in peru

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

You all make me feel like jumping up and down! We've just cheered each other on...

Beautiful, breathing, sustaining, trusting, love infused faith that encourages...See!

All our words weaved together. I'm filled by you all and my weekend is gonna be about giving that to other people.

Woohoo!!! Dancing now :D Woohoo!!! Yeah!