An Eco-Vegan Halloween - Tips from around the web

It has been so much fun to read up on how everyone is greening their Halloween and preparing their vegan treats and feasts. Here are some tips from around the web to help us have an eco-vegan Halloween.

Listed under each heading are our favorites.

Grab your favorite beverage, check these out, and take time to explore the rest of each site.

Sophie Uliano at Gorgeously Green3 Sensible Halloween Tips

1. Get your kids to recycle candy wrappers with Terracycle’s Candy Briggade program.
2. Find "conscious candy"ideas.

Carolyn Scott at The Healthy Voyager:  (2 links)

1. Use foods of different colors to get the Halloween feel.
2. Choose non processed sugar like Brown Rice Syrup and Stevia over white sugar.

Homemade Zombie costume

Amanda Willis at Earth911.com10 Tips for an Eco-friendly Halloween

1. Give organic goodies
2. Costume swap

The Environmental Working Group ( Tips to Green Your Halloween

1. Non-toxic make-up, haircare, and fragrances.
2. Eco-friendly candles made from palm or soy wax.

Chef Chloe CoscarelliKiller Halloween Desserts

Haunted Halloween Layered Cake - Yum!

Other tips:

1. Make some vegan cupcakes and top with halloween themed sprinkles
2. If using paper goods, choose biodegradable products. 

Have a safe, green, and healthy Halloween.
Any tips, links, and resources you have to share are welcome here.

(Adapted from my Examiner Article)

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Lindsay said...

What great tips these are Jeri - and your pics look like so much fun!! :)