My Wild Unrest - His Calm Surrender

My wild unrest comes in many forms - control, busyness, anxiousness, and many times stubbornness. Then there are the “voices” distracting me from my true dreams and purpose saying, “blend in, fit in, and conform” - leaving me feeling inadequate and unattractive.

As the years go by, I’m less and less in unrest. Still, it sneaks it’s way in now and then.

God’s love is so huge, always calling me to calmly surrender to His love for me and acceptance of me… just as I am. He patiently let’s me “become”. He gently tugs at my heart and lets trust build

In the silenced chaos - many times the wee hours - my focus can be on Him and I see myself how He sees me. This is when I write - songs, journal, thoughts. This is when I read. This is where I listen best.

The mirror of His word reflects truth of my worth

I am His priceless masterpiece.

I am made beautiful

I am truly loved

Everything that concerns me matters to Him

My weaknesses have purpose through His strength.

Even if I go unnoticed to the world, He sees me. He really sees me. Now I am confident, full, and ready to live the day ahead.

Now, I can see others as He sees them too

Priceless masterpieces that He has uniquely purposed to change our world

Highly important to Him, accepted and loved

What a privilege to let their strengths compliment my weaknesses and mine, theirs.

When I calmly surrender to His love for me and acceptance of me, I’m emptied of that wild unrest. 

“Hello world! It’s me, Jeri! Here I come!”

Speaking life to me today:

2 Corinthians 6: 11-13 from The Message Bible - 

Dear, dear (your name here), 
I can’t tell you how  much I long for you to enter this wide-open, spacious life. 
We didn’t fence you in. 
The smallness you feel comes from within you. 
Your lives aren’t small, but you’re living them in a small way.
 I’m speaking as plainly as I can and with great affection. 
Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!


Beautiful by Beth Redman

Beautiful: How to Be A Beautiful Woman of God in a Cosmetic World

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Dave @GodsDreamsForMe said...

oh how true... so many times when i feel like my head is about to burst... His quiet peace pours over and washes away all unrest.

thanks for sharing your heart sweetie... really touches home.

Anonymous said...

This is an INCREDIBLE post. Totally inspiring! Thanks, Jeri!

Lindsay said...

Beeeeeeautiful. :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Isn't it awesome to know it's not reserved for a select few. It's for all of us- woohoo!!!

Look out world - we're all coming and bringing change with us :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing this.

Mahina said...

What an AWESOME post!! :)

Bonnie Gray said...

"Even if I go unnoticed to the world, He sees me."

He does see you -- what a confidence that is from the Lord - no one can take that from you.

Thank you for sharing your encouragement with us. The Lord reads and the angels rejoice!

Beautiful reflection to add to the jam!

Thank you, Jeri!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Mahina I'm so glad you stopped by the playground Maui girl. Thank you. God Bless :D

@Bonnie - Once again I am completely blessed.

Mahina said...

You're welcome Jeri! :D I found your blog when I was looking through profiles for Christian blogs in Hawaii. Loving your blog! :)

Mahina said...

And I'm also following! :)

Papi's Girl said...

Jerri, This post is amazing and I can totally relate. We often get sucked into the cares of this world and try to comform ourselves to fit into what others want us to be. We lose focus on God's purpose and calling for our lives and we live smaller then He designed us to be. We are strong and power women of God....blessed and highly favoured. Why should we live small when our God has created us to be larger than life itself. We are unlimited and our worth can not be measured. Let us rise and truly live "this life" according to His will. Much love in God, Monica.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

It's so nice to hear from you Monica! I know you've been busy with your running schedule :D

Yes! He makes us strong and empowers us to live the life He's planned for each of us. Very true. Thank You.

Tonia said...

So beautiful, so encouraging. Thank you for sharing. This post uplifted me when I most needed it. Your blog is such a blessing.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

@Tonia We truly encourage each other. Blessings on your new farm and marriage!