The Wonderful After Effects of Neighborhood Activities

I'm still feeling the after effects of all the Halloween activities. I was completely ready for a nap 5 minutes after I woke up today! Anybody else wiped out? 

We had such a great time hangin' with friends and neighbors,  
while  trick-or-treating families came by. 
There were goodies for the adults too!

Decorating was the best fun.

 Go ahead and pick a ring off the web :D

We had a buffet table of edible and non-edible goodies.
In the excitement we forgot take a pic when we added the edibles!
Amazingly enough, the organic lolli's and Envirokids snacks were the hit!!!

Our awesome neighbors down the walk had bean bag toss games.
Plans for 2011 are already in the "talks".

The gift of friends, celebrations, and fun together is not taken for granted here.
As we head into the holidays, I'm so thankful to have all of this in our lives.

And now this girl needs to refuel with some down time.
Vegan Latte, snack, and a movie...oh, yeah!

My stomach muscles are still reminding me of all the fun we had on Sunday...ha ha!

How about you all? What are some of the awesome after effects of your celebrations?

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Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

I totally forgot to mention my neighbor who helped me clean everything up afterwards and her daughter who helped me pass out candy when we got swamped with families. Thank you ladies.

It was so much fun!