My Article on Ruby Roth at Your Daily Vegan & a Little on Writing Our Passions

It's always a privilege when another website or blog features your writing. Lately, it's been so much more for me.

I truly want to write from my heart.  

Whether it's about my relationship with God, a report for my local column, a review, recipe, profile and even our Did Ya Know; it has to be about what matters in my life.

Funny, serious, uplifting, encouraging, or transparency - sharing from our hearts and passions is most excellent and fulfilling.

In sharing where we're featured my hope is you get to visit their entire site and see what they're all about. 

At Your Daily Vegan, KD is passionate about animal rights, pure vegan living and a very sensitive heart. Strong, caring, and unapologetic for her beliefs.

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is born out of Ruby's passion to answer the genuine questions from children about not wanting to eat animals.

Here's my post on Ruby Roth at Your Daily Vegan (8/9/10)