Making an Itty Bitty Impact with a Green Wedding - Part 1

Engagement Photo by Sydnee Bickett
We hear about decreasing our carbon footprint, being environmentally friendly and wonder, “how?”. Well, Tonia is owner and creator of Itty Bitty Impact website. She has found many ways to help us discover the ease of going green one step at a time. Even featuring video on how to easily make your own cleaner.
Green, budget-friendly, and a few days away:
A “Green, budget-friendly, off-the-hook-awesome party for 300 people” is exactly what Tonia and Mike are having. They set out to make it as low-impact on our planet as possible and a beautiful celebration with loved ones. Well, they have been more than successful.
As you are reading this article, they are at less than one week before their memorable day and Tonia is off to her last cut and color. She and Mike have just finished a Triathalon over the weekend.
She takes us along on their “green wedding” adventure. She shares other resource sites that will be of help along with tips for dinnerware, email announcements, and even favors! I’m already getting great ideas for parties, gatherings and the like.

Thank You Mike and Tonia for letting us follow along on your awesome adventure :D

(Adapted from my Examiner article)