My Vegan Playground - Making A Difference for Sure

Proverbs 22:6 - Point your kids in the right direction-- when they're old they won't be lost. (message bible)

Reid, our 24-year-old, comes home after a very long day and asks, "Mom, can you make me a kombucha or a yerba mate? I'm really tired." I think nothing of it and then as I'm making his tea I realize, "That's so cool!" I beam from ear-to-ear with the realization that we're making a difference for sure.  Just living out our daily life and all the new habits we've formed speaks volumes to the people around us. I'm writing about you too!

He drives me to the health food store for my "airplane snacks" and decides he'll shop at the health food store for his supplies! Are you smiling with me yet?! That's way cool for me.  He gets his organic celery, romaine, and chooses Tofurkey cold cuts and tempeh as well.  Yay! Yay! Yay!  He's still consuming meat right now, but slowly converting over.  He's considering picking up a vegan protein formula too.  He mentioned they carry some at the shop he frequents.

 He had me order a copy of Robert Cheeke's Vegan Bodybuilding Book.  Every time Reid asks me a question I don't know the answer to, I just say "see if Robert's book says anything about that".  We learn together.  Either of us can mention Robert Cheeke or Brendan Brazier and it's second nature now.  We'll get him into the Vega Community soon.  The main thing is planting the seeds and letting him come at his own pace.  As he shows interest, we're able to share.  That way there's no pressure.

Now, when he's sifting through the fridge, he even asks if there's any fresh beans in the fridge!  It's so awesome.  Anyway, he's being exposed everyday because that's all we buy and stock up on.  The only meat is what he buys or what he was finishing up in the freezer and he respects that.  He never asks us to pick up animal products for him.  He eats the sprouted breads and tortillas without hesitation.  He even enjoys the simplicity of seasonings.  I'll be sure to thank him for all of this as often as possible.  I'm so proud of him.

Whenever Shilo (our 26-year-old) visits, he's exposed as well and asks good questions.  He doesn't mind eating whatever might be in the fridge.  He loves the homemade chili and David's fresh hummus or salsa.  He munches on those organic snacks like their so ono.

Before I adopted an animal-free lifestyle, we were already eating organic and buying snacks at the health food store, so they really like the drinks we pick up.  We've just added healthier choices and much more fresh, whole foods. We have so much fun preparing our own meals.

Over the last few months there have been so many ways we've been able to share have been so rewarding.  The more people ask questions I get comfortable sharing :D

Here is some of what's been happening:

1) At our neighborhood potlucks one person always has a question and it sparks a good conversation going back and forth.  Our friends are always amazed to find they already eat so many things that are animal-free.  They feel so great to know that.  It always ends with someone making a commitment to make a small change.  Isn't that cool?!

- One neighbor made a  public announcement to go green, so we bought her biodegradable pens to commend her.  She loved it. 

- Families talking about safe plastics after we mention. Very cool.  They all check their containers now!

- Everyone's talking about eating healthier.

- Julie Morris' No Bake Brownies (with choco vega whole food optimizer)  are a hit with the neighbors along with David's salsa.  It's a secret recipe, but maybe we can get him to share the freshness.

2) Dinner with friends spark a conversation as we order our food - the conversation leads to nutrition, researching and checking out viability of info we see, gardening, King Corn movie...What's On Your Plate?  All of this started by them, not us! Way cool!

3) Restaurants:  Whenever we ask our server for vegan options, they get excited and commend us.  They start asking questions and by the time we leave they commit to at least one meal or one day a week of "no meat".  Yeah! 

In all of this, I think I'm more encouraged than they are :D I'm really glad that health issues brought me to where I am.  It's ministering and touching so many people.  I love hearing their stories as well - how they've tried before and always thought it was all or nothing.  Now that they know they can take it slow, they can't wait to start again.  It's all just way ...too ... awesome!

Awesome Update: Reid just let me know that he's now vegetarian! He still has dairy and egg to process out of his diet, and he's taking it slow.  He reports, he's feeling great physically.  He even took his own veggie burger to a BBQ and everyone respected him for it! I thought it couldn't get any cooler than all above...Woohoo!!! Rockin' the whole food life.

Here's to living out loud! Oh...Yeah :D

Coming Soon -  Ruby Roth "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals"


Jenny said...

Your sons are so handsome! That's so great that they are so receptive to a vegetarian diet. I have 3 kids who are all vegetarian now because they are young and have been since birth...but I always wonder what will happen when they grow up. It's good to see stories like this one.

Donna, said...

So neat to hear about Reid and Shilo and how you're making such a positive influence on their decisions simply by your example! Keep up the great work, Jeri!

Carissa said...

That is so great that your son is following in your footsteps. I am still working on my husband and brother. Slowly but surely!

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Thank You ladies :D
@Jenny - very cool how your children were already raised in the lifestyle. Would love to hear the story some time. Email me.

@ Donna - Thank you for the encouragement, I will keep definitely keep it up. Thank you for your mommy blog. It's wonderful.

@ Carissa - I can appreciate the "slowly" part and your "but surely" attitude. You are making a difference. I'm encouraged.

Leslie said...

way cool Jeri! you've got that side of the island covered. makes my job easier!! your blogs are always very personal and beautiful. thanks. Leslie