Hey all and welcome new dreamers

We wanted to stop by and let you all know that we are working on new posts for you and to say, "Welcome new dreamers!" We're so glad you're here. So, let's do a little summary of what went on the last two months as we welcome everyone. David's off to feed Shadow and I'll finish the rest of this blog :D

In June, we had the opportunity to take a staycation/retreat that was unbelievably refreshing. Then, in July, David got assigned training in Port Hueneme for two weeks.  So it was a working trip for both of us, but once again we got to rest.  At any rate - we caught a bug in L.A. and just fully recovered. I'm happy to report that we're all caught up on our social networks of resources and work too.

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up:

1) I had the humbling privilege of interviewing Ruby Roth author of "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" for my column, Honolulu Vegan Lifestyle Examiner.  Working with her is beyond words. She is so friendly, passionate, and transparent.  Our blog that's coming up on Ruby will be of her work, but you'll see the personal side of her as well.

2) We are working on the follow-up to our staycation/retreat blog as well.  As you recall it didn't not go as planned, but it all worked out great!

3) I'll be doing an examiner article on local girl and vegan macrobiotic chef, Leslie Ashburn, and she's now my whole foods counselor. I'll be putting together something in increments to share that adventure in the future. 

4) We're posing the question, "Are we really living a sustainable life?" in a future blog and covering all the areas of our lives that can be worked on one at a time.  It'll be great.

5) If you look at our blog roll, we've added EcoVeganGal, Whitney Lauritsen.  I've been following and communicating with her for a good few months and she's rockin the resources in sustainable living/food/environment and more.  She also has a blog called EcoVeganDog.  Watch for a future blog on her as well.

 6) I've been invited to write for different online venues as well and am still praying about which ones to take on. It's so exciting.  I feel like I have so much to learn. I've also been taught that as share what I learn, I'll continue to grow - Woohoo! That's exciting and scary at the same time.  I'm stepping out in faith.

There's so much more, but I think that's enough excitement for now.  As you can tell I'm drawn to the well-rounded people, sites, and resources that nourish, teach, inspire, encourage, and equip to take action. They're so awesome, I just have to share them with you.
So until next time...

Keep Dreaming, take steps toward those dreams, and it doesn't matter the size of the dream...what matters is that it's your hearts dream.

God Bless You All!


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I'm looking forward to all of your upcoming posts, especially your interview with Ruby Roth! :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

Hi Carly! Just got through reading your mascara adventures.

Ruby Roth article is filed under the interview tab. Enjoy! It's linked to my article for our local online paper.

I appreciate you.

God Bless.