Staycation Retreat and our 14th Anniversary

Before we officially begin our 2 1/2 week adventure, I wanted to share how awesome it is for us to do this.  I've already begun my mini portion of it and then we'll have an actual 5 days of no communication or social networking, but we'll take lots of pictures and come back to share what went on in that time.

We have renovations to finish, closets, drawers, cabinets and closets to clean out.  I'm a little taken back, but more excited than anything.  The finished product is going to be awesome.

Cleaning out "stuff" is a cleanse for your spirit and soul.  It allows you to become more organized and feel lighter.  You're freed from things that no longer have a purpose in your life.  At the same time, it gives you the ability to share those things with others.  Such a weight is lifted that you didn't even realize was there.  As you cleanse your home, car, garage or whatever it may be you free your soul and spirit to be more in tune with your life's purpose.

Just like eating plant-based whole foods, it brings the blessing of clarity, focus, and sense of direction.  Not to mention, you feel so good about yourself and you'll enjoy your home more.  An added bonus is the exercise you get without even trying.  Just gotta remind ourselves to engage those abs, carry things correctly, and set the timer for much needed body breaks and meals.

Before all of this, we truly need a staycation retreat to realign, refresh, cleanse the old and receive the new.  I can't wait! I'm so excited.  It's a great way to put into our relationship with each other and God.  We're going to use this time to step back and spend some quality time with God and his word.  We just know that there is something around the corner and we need this time to get filled and encouraged before that happens. Oh yeah...walks on the beach, being outdoors in the fresh sea air, hearing the birds and gentle rolling waves. It's gonna be great.

We're looking forward to all that we'll be blessed with during these 2 1/2 weeks.  By the time it's over it'll already be July 1st! Wow :D Time is really moving.  We pray you'll be able to have some kind of mini-staycation yourselves.  Even if it's just a weekend of turning it all of and tuning it all out to find your centering once again.  If you've ever done this before, we totally want to hear your about it.  Please do share with us.

Where's Shadow gonna be? Part of the time he'll be at camp with his friends and having a blast.  He loves it there.  The other part of the time, he'll be with us on the beach.

I think David has a Did Ya know coming up and that'll be it until July.  God Bless You all and as always, You just being here is a huge blessing to us.


Jazz Siebert said...

Yay!! Have an awesome and Restful Staycation!

You've inspired to take one of my own. :)

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary darlin'! Have a blast...we'll miss ya! :)

Vegan Dog's Life said...

Happy anniversary! I hope that you're enjoying your staycation. We're on #10 of 11 days off of work and will be celebrating 10 years together in exactly one month. :)

Carissa said...

Aloha! I just came across your blog while looking at a friends blog. I live in Hawaii and I am a vegan too! I was beginning to think that I was the only one here! Haha! Great blog, I am following your blog now. Check mine out and follow if you like :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

You all are so awesome! Thank you.

@VeganDogsLife - Happy Anniversary too!

@Carissa - So Nice to meet you and great to have you here with us all :D

Happy 4th of July all.