Such an Awesome Weekend, We Just had to Share

You know how you just have that one weekend where it's all awesome?  We had it this past weekend!

Starts off Friday evening as we meet with Leslie Ashburn.  Such a wonderful, peaceful woman.  We talked and laughed a lot during the consult.  Just being around her makes you go "ah" and smile.  She's a macrobiotic chef here in Hawaii who also happens to do whole foods counseling among other things.  She cares proactively about community, environment, and whole food.  She's so awesome.

 Why did we meet with her?  I'm (Jeri)  still having residual symptoms from an illness I had 4 years ago and slowly but surely progressing.  It left me with resulting GERD and gastritis (inflamed stomach lining).  So she's got me on a diet that will help with it all.  I'll be blogging about that from time to time as well.  I'll be sure to cover the ups and downs.

Saturday evening took us to an awesome graduation party where we saw cousins and friends we hadn't seen in years.  It was so amazing.  Lots of hugs, trading contact information, and hugs, and pictures...Yeah!  Again, another peaceful and fulfilling event.

Sunday is what we were looking forward to for months.  Shadow's trainer got married!  The reception was at a beach house.  Need we say more?  There was massages, kayaking, all day BBQ (there were lots of veggies for us), pictures, meeting awesome people, walks on the beach, and so much more.  We met so many wonderful people.  All our conversations that day were uplifting and amazing.  Most of all, it was so wonderful to see that wonderful day finally arrive for them.  They are two of the most amazing people we know.

Today (Monday) sealed the deal on a wonderful weekend.  We (Reid n Jeri) picked Shadow up from camp and took him to the beach before we headed home.  He had an awesome time.  It just so happens his camp is in the same town the wedding was.  So, guess who we ran into on the beach?  His trainer, new hubby, and their pack.  One of their pack happens to be Shadow's best friend ever.  He hadn't seen her since February and was so excited.  The reunion was so cute.  Kisses and playing and trying to go into the water...ha ha.  Both are learning to like the ocean.  Did we mention, his best friend is a girl dog?  They are so awesome together.

All the great people we ran into in between all of these events just made it all sweeter.  Random people at the market or bookstore, seeing David's captain and wife just before they bring their brand new and first baby home, and all the store clerks and sales reps that were so friendly and helpful...We are so full.

It all can mean only one thing.  God is filling us up because somebody is gonna come into our path who needs to be lifted up as well.  We just love this circle of giving and receiving.

God Bless and have the most awesome week ever.  You all bless us for being part our dreams.

David and Jeri (yup we did this one together)