First Day in Cali - My fresh food hero

David and I had to travel separately to California.  He has 2-week training here for his job and...yay for me...I get to tag along.  I'm so glad I can work from home and that laptops are in existence.

Okie dokie, on to my first day...

I packed a double portion of fresh Dino Kale and Daikon (simple recipe below) a side of Amy's BBQ burger - lunch before boarding and dinner on the plane.  I also packed a small variety of snacks - hey, you never know if you share some and gain a sister vegan or brother vegan, right? :D  I'm so glad I wasn't hungry for dinner.  When David picked me up from the airport he had packed me a nice dinner.  Fresh steamed Kale n a Kashi Lasagna.  How cool and sweet is that?!  It was dark, camera in luggage, sorry no pic.

I wanted to share, how awesomely organic, fresh eating changes our way of living and thinking.  We really like reading labels and making sure we make the best possible choice.   When we're away from home we can't always get everything fresh and organic.  We researched organic health food stores before he left and he went shopping each chance he got after training.  When I got here, he had us basically stocked until we could go shop together.  Dude has got the lay of the land pretty hands down..ha ha.

He was so proud he took me on a tour of the kitchen.  I made sure to take pics this a.m. to mark another milestone in our adventurous journey.  I'm so proud too!  Check out the cupboards.  Breakfast is definitely served.  We have a full kitchen at our hotel, so we're going shopping for beans...I love beans.

Everything he bought was close to my faves.  Kombucha...yeah! Kale and my fave green...Arugula!  He even picked up Bragg's.

And so my lunch today in Cali is 90% whole foods...awesome!

Leftovers I packed, Arugula w/1 spray Bragg's, Cranberry Kombucha, fresh orange.  
This is gonna be one onolicious lunch.

Savoring the freshness and an awesome best friend/husband/leader/comic/man of God.

Have an awesome day all.  Next blog is about our son Reid.  I know you're gonna like it.  I guess this is family week :D  Thank You for blessing us with your cyber friendships.  God Bless You all. 


You'll Need:
about 3 tbsp Wheat-free Tamari, Bragg's, or Nama Shoyu
Water - about 1/8 c or less
Garlic - 1 clove minced/sliced
Ginger - Medallion (thickness of a 1/2 dollar)
Kale leaves
Daikon - quartered
black and brown sesame seeds
Sweetener of your choice (makes it a sweeter sauce,Asian style)

Cover just the bottom of stir-fry pan with water , add Tamari (or your choice), ginger medallion turn heat on to medium.  When heated (about 5 min. passed), I just move the medallion around the pan to season the sauce for about 1 min.  Add garlic, daikon, Kale, sweetener and simmer for about 8-10 min. - Daikon will soak up sauce and turn brown from it.  Turn off heat, plate and add your sesame seeds.  If you use less hearty greens just throw them in at the last minute so it doesn't overcook.  Enjoy :D

I like to squish the brown sesame seeds back and forth between my fingers as I add it to my food and it releases the flavor.  Have fun with your own variations.


Jenny said...

I found your blog the other day and read through A LOT of it while I was waiting in the doctor's office. It's so fun to find other people who share so many of my feelings and beliefs.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

I agree - it is fun to connect with other people. So glad you're here with us too. You made me smile girl. God Bless.

MOM's BEST BETS said...

Your pantry looks like mine!
Yerba mate is just too good!
Healthy eating and blessings