Our 1st Arbor Day

 Sorry for this post being a bit late.  I'd like to label myself as a perfectionist but that would be a big fat fib.  Perhaps I can convince Jeri that procrastination is the conservation of energy... heh heh... anyway...

Celebrating Arbor Day this year was a 1st for our family.  As it coincided perfectly with all that we've been learning about a plant based diet, the environment, our earth and all, this occasion set the perfect stage for us to jump in on starting our garden!  We aren't green thumbs (actually Reid & Jeri are pretty good, I'm more of a gangrene thumb), but the thought of being able to harvest some fresh basil, organic none the less, makes for some exciting anticipation.  So yeah, we planted two types of basil (seeds) and re-potted Jeri's roses.

Oh yeah, we know that Arbor Day is about "trees" but we felt that planting these herbs was well within the spirit of the occasion.  lol, btw, although the package of soil was labeled "organic", Shadow helped us out in certifying it... by eating a mouthful... yikes!  =0P

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Jeri @GodsDreamsForMe said...

We have a few pics at the bottom of the page in our flickr photostream. It was fun and relaxing.