Jeri's First Published Article - Your Daily Vegan Spin

Choose Vegan - www.yourdailyvegan.comOne of my dreams is to write articles about issues or subjects I'm passionate about. Through my e-Cornell course that came alive again. They encourage us to be proactive as part of our assignments and to submit our letters and articles.  God's is opening doors for us all. Such a privilege to learn and share it.  

I had to share KD's with you.  I was jumping up and down.  She sounds like such an exciting person. I'm keeping in touch with her.  I can't believe the article is the first guest post in the spin!  aaaaaaah! I know you're celebrating with me and thanks for that.

"Hi Jeri!

Heck yeah!  Thank you for your submission.  Here's what's next.  I've gone ahead and read your post and approved it.  That means that I found it awesome, of course, and that we're going to get it posted for you.  That will happen tomorrow, Wednesday 5/5/10, and will be posted in The Daily Vegan Spin.  Incidentally, it's the first time we've posted a guest post in the Spin- I'm extremely excited to do so.  It's refreshing to see that other people "get it" :) from:  KD Traegner"

I'm blessed with the privilege of  learning because others are proactive enough to learn and then pass it on. We all have a voice in our passions. Keep learning and practice sharing so the fire in our bellies stays lit. People are pouring into our lives so we can pour into others' lives as well. God connects us with people and points us to resources all the time...we just have to be "awake". Voice your passions and bless someone. It may be an article, one-liner, a it your special way.

God Bless You all and Let's Rock this Gift of Life we've been given....YEAH!


Papi's Girl said...

Congratulations! Great job using your gifts and helping awaken others. May you be blessed with many more opportunities to share your passion.

KD Traegner said...

How could I have missed this?! I'm so pleased to have met Jeri, I find her perspective on veganism so enlightening. I am thrilled to have her voice join ours as we educate people about the plight of non-animals.

I'm looking forward to continuing to get to know her and reading more of what she has to say :)

KD Traegner