Cloud 99 - Mother's Day

Is there such a thing as cloud 99? So much has happened to make this Mother's Day weekend special that Cloud 9 isn't high enough! :D

Second Moms
Me & Annette - Love her

Today, a very good friend told me I'm her second Mom! It can't get any better than that. I can only pray that our sons are affected in such a way by another, they can give them the honor of "second parent" or "like a brother/sister". To know that they can go to someone else they trust and look up to would give me such a great peace. Their lives would be that much more enriched because of that person's experiences.

Our Effect, Their Effect

Tiani(Lf), Steph (back), Darci (fr)
One of our neighborhood family's stopped by to bring roses. The excitement to give their gift, their beaming smiles, and the rockin' big bear hugs just put me over the top! I had no idea that just being available to sit on the porch and talk with the kids or play outside with them meant that much.  I just enjoy doing it and they keep me full of joy. We can never underestimate the effect we have on others and the effect they have on us.

Those Who Pave Trails - Mentors

I've ventured into researching and writing about the effects of diet on our planet because others paved some awesome trails that led me here. While following these trails, I'm finding some very cool side trails and breathtaking views that are really opening my eyes and broadening my compassion.  I'm also realizing that sharing my walk with God and everyday living makes me transparent. That's a very good thing. All of this is who I am. All of this flows into how I live and what I share. Awesome women have paved those trails for me as well.

Happy Mother's Day

So I wish a very Happy Mother's Day to Moms, Mentors, Big Sisters, Aunts, Pet owners and those who play outside with the neighborhood kids.

I pray God totally pour His blessings on you, all involved in your lives, and the lives you affect.


Veg Atalanta said...

Happy Mother's Day Jeri!!!:) I'm glad it's been such a lovely one!

Dave @GodsDreamsForMe said...

if i didn't get to wish you properly... "happy mother's day!"