Move Over Gatorade? (DYK)

DYK that coconut water (or "juice") may just be the ultimate sports drink!  It is a antioxidant beverage that contains naturally occurring electrolytes (such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium & magnesium).  In fact, in it's 11.2 oz serving it has more potassium than a banana (that's approximately 15 times the amount found in sports drinks), only about 60 calories (14g from sugar) and no artificial ingredients. 

How about NYD a couple of things:
#1  Try it out!  O.N.E., Vita Coco & Zico are some of the top brands.  Jeri's been using them in her smoothies... yum!
#2  Check it out!  I found soooo much interesting info on this amazing drink.  With just a little bit of googling I found out it is also known as the "fluid of life" due to its similar properties to our own blood plasma.  In fact, it can be used in the pinch for emergency plasma transfusions... I know, crazy huh?  It is so intriguing that both Coca Cola & Madonna have invested in it... true.  =0)

Here are some linkages to getcha started...,,,


Jeri @GodsDreamsForMe said...

You did some good research. I did not know some of this info. Thanks Honey.

Lindsay said...

As a longtime fan of coconut water, I'm so happy to read all this great news about it! Thanks Dave! :)

Dave @GodsDreamsForMe said...

thanks guys (or should i say "gals"). i used to see it in the stores and just think "hmmm, weird." then jeri mentioned how Brendan Brasier said it is an excellent sports drink AND after the short research i did... it is really more than just a sports drink. lol, made me go o_0

Jazz Siebert said...

Oh man... and now they have this coco water with pineapple (cant remember the name) at whole foods that tastes soooo good.

I think its vitacoco or something... mmm boy, its good.

Thanks for all the helpful data. I did not know that! :)