Our First Shout Out in Another Blog

Meet our friend Donna. She writes an awesome blog called Champuru Mommy Blogging and More.  In today's post she mentions and links our blog in relation to healthy eating :D. What a privilege.

Our boys are grown, yet I love reading her posts.  It's full of fun stories, info and transparency.

Her latest blog post is entitled: Why Is Healthy Eating So Hard and asks about the high cost of organics in addition to the battle of making organic choices.  She uncovers many more questions that arise as she contemplates eating healthy.

Jeri's learned truth: Government subsidies are part of the high cost of organics. They subsidize land for overgrowth of corn to feed the overabundance of animals including fish to make meats cheap and maybe unknowingly overfeed America. The animals barely have space to move around inviting disease. Yes, the farmed fish too.  America is diseased and can't explain it.  Go figure!

I have to give a shout out to the farmers and fisheries that do use safe farming practices like Snapper Farm.

There is hope. We can research, learn and write about these issues to our legislation to stop the abuse of subsidies. Better yet, fax it to them. It is much more economical to subsidize organic farming that will remain sustainable for generations. As we learn, we can share it with others.

Enjoy Donna's blog and participating in answering her questions. You could be helping her and many others by doing so.

As T. C. Campbell and Brendan Brazier always say, "There is always hope". 

God Bless You All.


Jazz Siebert said...

Sooo true, There is ALWAYS hope!

So glad we have people like you spreading the word and making a good impact on our planet! Every little bit helps, right?

Her blog is soooo cute! thanks for sharing.

Donna, Champuru.net said...

Thank you SO much for featuring me on your blog, Jeri! :) You are an inspiration to me and your posts have inspired me to seek more answers on pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Kudos to you on your efforts and thank you for sharing your experiences and insight along the way! You are a blessing! Keep up the great work.

Jeri @ GodsDreamsForMe said...

@Jazzie n @Donna
You two just lift my spirits. Thank you more than you know. I appreciate you both.