Gods Dreams For Me - Is to be ME (stress-less)

All last week, no matter what I read, or songs I heard on the radio it all kept sending the message to be me. I'm reading The Power of Simple Prayer by Joyce Meyer and the first thing she wrote about was praying just from who I am. Not making my prayers elaborate or long "just because", but to have a real conversation with God. That changed everything. Every time I hear this, my prayer life gets better and I totally enjoy my time with God.

Discussions and posts are required for nutrition class. Once again, I had to remind myself, "Jeri, don't read anybodies posts, just breathe and let your own self get on that page." You know what? My instructor was so pleased. She appreciated that it became personal rather than just head knowledge. Well, that just made my day!

Meeting new people is always the one that gets me. But, for some reason eating a healthy meat-free diet, exercising, having my time with God especially is really changing me. I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. If I'm excited and no one else is it doesn't change my reaction. I make sure my relationships and the company I keep, whether online or up close and personal, are all healthy for me. Do I feel good when I walk away? Am I uplifted? Do I have a good time with them?

Psalm 139:14 says, "body and soul I am wonderfully made..."(the message bible)
Psalm 33:15 says, " He who fashions the hearts of them all, He who understands all their works" (New American Standard Bible). Feel free to read the whole chapter of each verse.

Isn't that so cool. God is so cool. He fashioned each of our hearts and made us wonderful. He understands what each one of us is made to do and be and the lives we're going to touch. Touching lives whether in friendship, marriage, family, the stranger we'll smile at, or the causes we'll be a part of...even our neighbors and the neighborhood kids. It's so totally AWESOME!

Oscar Wilde - "Be you, Everyone else is taken". My interpretation is "You are cool, just as you".

I'm also learning that there are some attitudes I have to lose. So right now, my motto is "Be You and Lose the Attitude". This totally makes for less stressful living. Enjoy each moment.

God Bless You all and make someones day,
Love, Jeri


Veg Atalanta said...

Hey Jeri! I hope you're doing well! You have a great attitude:) Take care!

GodsDreamsForMe said...

Hey there,

My sister from TKL. You're so awesome. Comments like yours encourage me big time.

Nancy said...

hi Jeri, Really liked your comments! cheers, nancy (greater toronto area)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Hi Nancy :D Have a great weekend! Thank you too.