Did Ya Know? with "Now Ya Do" (1st in series)

Did Ya Know?... adding more fresh veggies to your plate can make a difference in your health? 50% of our plates having fresh veggies is recommended for benefit.

Just one change is a HUGE step toward health.

Sometimes the most elegant solution is the most simple. Why plant-based nutrition? Why not? Why develop heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes? The epidemic of chronic, degenerative disease that is sweeping the western world can not only be stopped, it can be reversed. The power lies in the hands of the consumer, in the choices we make about what to put on our plates. T. Colin Campbell

Now Ya Do - Challenge:
This week arrange 1/2 your plate with fresh veggies. Then, come back and share your thoughts and views with us and each other. Feel free to come back earlier if you want.

Extra Resources: Reversing heart disease with diet (article);
Eating Animals (book and site) ;
Food Inc. (movie - buy or rent);
What's On Your Plate - by kids (site, movie coming soon)

Next week sneak peek: safe plastics

God Bless and have fun.

Dave n Jeri
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Lindsay said...

What a cute post! I am definitely going to have to start adding more veggies to my plate!! Thanks dear! :)

GodsDreamsForMe said...

I wrestled with this being the first in the series because we all are rockin the veggies, but I realized some of my fam and friends don't and thought what the heck :D Ha Ha ha